Gainesville Coins Top Ten for Week Ending Jan 20

January 21st, 2013 by

Gainesville Coins Top Ten

Have you seen Gainesville Coins Bestseller List? We dynamically track the Top Ten, Top 40, and Top 100 items from the previous seven days, updated on a daily basis. Every Monday on the blog, we cover the overall Top Ten gold and silver items according to the previous week’s sales.

The U.S. Mint selling out of 2013 Silver Eagles was the lead story this week. Gainesville Coins was the first dealer to have them at the FUN Show in Orlando, where people were standing in line 3 deep all around the booth to purchase them.  I’ll post some photos from the FUN Show later today.

Just a reminder that Gainesville Coins seems to be the only major distributor with the 2013 Silver Eagles in stock, and are shipping right now. New shipments from the U.S. Mint will not be available until January 28 for our competitors.

So, the 2013 Silver Eagle claiming two spots in the Top Ten wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was a second 1 oz AVP copper round almost breaking into the list, landing at #12. The 1 oz  2013 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf barely missed the list, sitting at #11.

Enough with the talk. Here is the Gainesville Coins Top Ten for the week ending January 20th:

      1. The “New Design” 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round, made of 999 pure silver (sku: rounds2)
      2. The 2013 American Silver Eagle 1 oz bullion coin, made of 999 pure US silver in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (sku: CSE30) up three slots
      3. The 1 oz Morgan Design Silver Bar (made in USA), made of 999 pure silver (sku: bars1) up 3 slots
      4. The 2013 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz bullion coin in capsule, made of 999 pure silver  (sku: CHSC7) down 2 slots
      5. The 1/2 oz “Buffalo” Silver Round, made of 999 pure silver (sku: rounds8) down 2 slots
      6. The Sunshine Mint “Eagle” 1 oz Silver Round, made of 999 pure silver (sku: SU1) up 1 slot
      7. The 2013 Pronghorn Antelope 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin, made of 9999 pure silver (sku: CASC27) down 3 slots
      8. “Only Halves” $1 Face Value of 90% Silver Half Dollars (sku: 90-halves) return to list
      9. The 2013 Year of the Snake Copper Round, made of 1 AVP oz of 999 pure copper (sku: rounds16) down 1 slot
      10. Roll of Twenty 2013 American Silver Eagle 1 oz bullion coins, made of 999 pure U.S. silver (sku: CSE30-ROLL20) return to list

Note that the coins on the Top Ten page can and will change over time, but you can use the sku number to search on the site for any coin mentioned in this article.



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