Save More On Silver By Purchasing Silver Rounds

January 24th, 2013 by

(left to right: 2013 Year of the Snake silver round, Buffalo silver round, 2012 Year of the Dragon silver round)

Silver is a wonderful metal. It’s used in plastics production, photography, medicine, electronics, solar panels, LCD TVs, even inside nuclear reactors. But when many people think of silver, they think of the metal as a store of value and beauty. Silver jewelry and silver money has been around since ancient times. Today, modern coin collectors and those looking to hedge against currency devaluation have a constellation of products new and old to choose from. Large silver bars have the lowest premiums, but are unwieldy to transport or trade.

However, silver rounds also have low premiums comparable to silver bars, and are conveniently sized in one ounce and half ounce versions. This allows for incremental purchases in whatever size you feel comfortable with, and easier trading or selling than with 100 oz silver bars. Over time, the money you save on premiums by buying rounds instead of coins can add up to a substantial amount, depending on your silver acquisition goals. Silver rounds are extremely popular among silver buyers who are not interested in collectible coins. Our best selling silver item is actually the 1 oz Buffalo round, shown above.

Shaped much like coins, silver rounds are not official government tender (currency,) but this doesn’t mean lower quality. Most silver rounds are 99.9% pure silver. In fact, Sunshine Minting is not only a major supplier of silver rounds to Gainesville Coins, they are also the primary supplier of planchets (blanks) to the United States Mint for the American Silver Eagle bullion coin.

For those that would prefer the low premiums of silver bars, we carry a wide range of bars from 5 oz to 100 oz. If you like silver bars, but want a more manageable size, we offer another customer favorite, the “Morgan” 1 oz silver bar in tiered pricing, for as low as 89 cents over spot:


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