Gainesville Coins Silver Top Ten for Week Ending September 1

September 3rd, 2013 by

Gainesville Coins Top Ten

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People are jumping on the pre-orders for the 2014 silver Kookaburra and 2014 silver Lunar Horse 1 oz coins from the Perth Mint, and for good reason! The 1 oz Lunar Horse is limited to a worldwide mintage of 300,000 and the 2014 1 oz Kookaburra is limited to 500,000. This is a drop in the bucket for such popular lines, and are predicted to sell out as fast as previous years. If you want one of these, you better jump on it now, or be prepared to buy it on the secondary market.

Another personal favorite returns to the silver Top Ten this week at #8: the 1 oz Trident silver bar. These bars have a mirrored-finish background, featuring Poseidon emerging from the stormy seas with his trident.

Here is the Gainesville Coins Top Ten for Silver for the week ending September 1:

rounds2 1The “New Design” 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round (made in USA), made of 999 pure silver (sku: rounds2)
2013-silver-eagle2The 2013 American Silver Eagle 1 oz bullion coin, made of 999 pure US silver in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (sku: CSE30) Up 1 slot
halfounce-lunar-horse3The 2014 Perth Mint Lunar Year of the Horse 1 oz silver bullion coin, made of 999 pure silver PREORDER (sku: PE700) NEW to Top Ten
rounds224The 1 oz Walking Liberty Design Silver Round (made in USA) made of 999 pure silver (sku: rounds22) Down 2 slots
drapedbustround5 The 1 oz Draped Bust Design Silver Round (made in USA), made of 999 pure silver (sku: rounds18) Return to Top Ten
2014-kookaburra6  The 2014 Silver Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra 1 oz bullion coin, made of 999 pure silver  (sku: PE704) NEW to Top Ten
CHSC77The 2013 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz silver bullion coin, made of 999 pure silver (sku: CHSC7)
trident-1oz-silver-bar8  The 1 oz Trident silver bar, made of 999 pure silver (sku: bars32 Returns to Top Ten
CASC289The 2013 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz bullion coin, made of 9999 pure silver (sku: CASC28) Return to Top Ten
rounds2210The 1/10th oz Walking Liberty Design silver round (made in USA), made of 999 pure silver (sku: rounds24) Returns to Top Ten

Note that the coins on the Top Ten page can and will change over time, but you can use the sku number to search on the site for any coin mentioned in this article.


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