U.S. Mint Already Announcing Allocation on 2014 Silver Eagles!

November 6th, 2013 by


In a memo sent to major distributors today, the United States Mint that it would be putting the 2014 American Silver Eagles on allocation from the very start, and that the first orders would be taken on January 13. This is the Monday *after* the 2014 Florida United Numismatists FUN Show in Orlando, which makes The Coin Explorer very sad. We had great fun last year being the first distributor at the show with ASEs, and even built a mountain of monster boxes in our booth.

Million dollar mountain of American Silver Eagles at the Gainesville Coin booth at the 2013 FUN Show

Million dollar mountain of American Silver Eagles in the Gainesville Coin booth at the 2013 FUN Show

The last shipments of 2013 Silver Eagles will leave the Mint on December 9. This means there will be no fresh ASEs hitting the market for a month.

American Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo bullion coins will not be allocated, as the U.S. Mint will have plenty to meet demand. In fact, the Mint still has some half-ounce and quarter-ounce 2012 Gold Eagles still available. The new 2014 AGEs and Buffaloes will be released starting January 2nd. As one of the major bullion dealers in the United States, Gainesville Coins will receive a large allotment of 2014 Silver Eagles, but, the same as last year, they’re expected to go fast.

There will be some pent-up demand by the time January 13 rolls around, as 2013 is shaping up to be an all-time record for American Silver Eagle sales. With monthly sales averaging over 3 million coins, supplies may run out before the end of the year.