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Perth Mint Introduces Pink Diamond Bullion

June 13th, 2017 by

The Perth Mint is known for transforming Western Australia’s abundance of natural resources into fantastic coins and collectibles, and now the world-renowned mint has introduced its most ambitious bullion collection yet.

Pink Argyle Diamonds

The Perth Mint recently alerted the numismatic press about its new Australian Trilogy set, which is valued at a staggering $1.8 million when all three coins are included together! It includes a silver Australian Kangaroo coin, a .9999 fine gold Australian Kookaburra coin, and a 22-karat (.9167 fine) rose gold Australian Koala coin. Unbelievably, each coin weighs one kilogram!

Each coin is embedded with its own diamond, varying from deep pink in hue to purple-grey. All of the precious stones are about a half-carat in size and are considered “fancy” colored diamonds. The set will apparently be available on a mint-to-order basis due to their incredibly high value.

In the past, Perth Mint has issued collectible silver coins that were embedded with lockets (like the one shown below) that contained diamonds, or meteorite fragments, or Swarovski crystals, or opal stones, among other rare resources. This makes sense given Western Australia’s abundance of natural resources and thus its access to many gold mines and diamond mines.

diamonds Australia coin

Fittingly, the Australian Trilogy collection is the culmination of a close relationship between the mint and the Argyle Diamond Mine, which is owned by the multinational powerhouse Rio Tinto (RIO). Perth began its partnership with the Argyle mine back in 2008. This is the most ambitious use of precious stones in an Australian bullion coin or collectible to date.

Though Australia is known partly for its eye-appealing natural resources like gold, opal, and diamonds, the latter may become somewhat more scarce in the future: Australian miner Kimberly Diamonds (KDL) has placed its last operating diamond mine, the Lerala project in Botswana, into “administration,” meaning the project is essentially shuttered. Kimberly had insufficient funds to complete the implementation of a performance improvement plan at Lerala that was in progress.


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