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Swiss Researchers Find Precious Metals In the Sewers

October 14th, 2017 by

One of the facts of the post-industrial world is that affluent societies waste a great deal of resources, whether it is food, energy, or otherwise. In Switzerland, where 70% of the world’s gold gets refined, trace amounts of precious metals (primarily gold and silver) have been detected in the country’s waste water. The concentrations are […]

Construction In Russia Unearths Medieval Coins

October 8th, 2017 by

This year, there’s been a great deal of construction and infrastructure improvement in the Russian capital of Moscow. Amid the building projects and renovations, a surprising side-effect has emerged on more than one occasion: Rare old coins are being recovered from the construction sites!

gold manipulation

Former UBS Trader Charged With Manipulating Precious Metals Prices

September 16th, 2017 by

Though it is not the first of its kind, the current FBI case against traders who tried to manipulate the precious metals markets is noteworthy for its focus on the guilty individuals rather than the institutions as a whole. (To date, most of these major banks have been fined billions of dollars already for their […]

Whose Corner Is the Fed Really In?

August 28th, 2017 by

As a wave of support for reform across the federal government gains steam, there is one “federal” institution that tends to resist any calls for transparency or reform: The Federal Reserve. The nation’s central bank is sometimes characterized as the fourth branch of government due to the importance of monetary policy on the U.S. and […]

silver shekel coin

Ancient Silver Half-Shekel Found by 8-Year-Old

August 26th, 2017 by

On rare occasions, the most fantastic discoveries are made by pure accident. This is true not only throughout human history, but also applies to our daily lives. For one eight-year-old girl in Israel, this absolutely turned out to be the case!

computer code hacking

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies: The Next Financial Hack?

August 16th, 2017 by

It is commonplace today to refer to clever, beneficial innovations as hacks. So a life hack is a positive habit or practice; or a high-powered health regiment might be called a bio-hack. When it comes to financial hacks—no, not the shady fund managers or brokers—the “next big thing” seems to be cryptocurrencies and the blockchain […]

Error Mule of RCM’s New Gold Kilo Coins

August 12th, 2017 by

It’s intriguing for coin collectors to discover how error coins come to be. Government mints are pretty orderly operations, and have not just a number of anti-counterfeiting measures in place but also an array quality control features to keep such “defective” coins from making it out of the mint. Another such error coin has apparently been […]

balance of gold and dollar

CME Group CEO: $6,000 Gold Price?

August 10th, 2017 by

Exaggerated and seemingly outlandish predictions and forecasts about asset prices abound all over the internet, and even the mainstream of money managers and the financial news. Gold is no exception to this reality that affects all sorts of financial endeavors, from investing to trading to estate planning.

Another Case of Lost Nazi Gold?

July 31st, 2017 by

Of all the theories surrounding lost or hidden treasure throughout human history, there are none more durable in the minds of 21st century audiences than Nazi gold.

Gold in Waters Around Indian Peninsula?

July 29th, 2017 by

In India, a country already so hungry for gold, there may be a new source of precious metals to meet the public’s seemingly insatiable desire for the yellow metal. The catch? It’s effectively at the bottom of the ocean.

British Gold Sovereign coin

Astounding Gold Coin Collection Goes to Auction

July 21st, 2017 by

It’s always exciting when a longtime collector of coins decides to bring their entire numismatic portfolio to auction. With the most legendary coin collections—such as the staggering Pogue or Newman ensembles of U.S. coins—the sale is not just broken into many separate lots for bidding. They must in fact be split into several separate days of auctions. […]

The Rush to Gold Vaults

July 17th, 2017 by

There is a growing trend spreading like wildfire across the investing community as more and more signs point toward a possible market disruption in the near future. It’s not simply a rush to safe havens like gold; it’s a veritable gold rush of storing precious metals in vaults. The Essentials of Storage Many people who […]

Another Bitcoin Exchange Hacked

July 9th, 2017 by

In another blow to the rising star of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or blockchain platforms like Ethereum, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges was victimized by hackers, with a significant number of digital “coins” stolen.

U.S. Debt Crisis at State Level?

July 3rd, 2017 by

One of the greatest problems of national importance—and literally of national security concern—is the ever-growing level of U.S. debt. It’s the looming problem, the proverbial “elephant in the room,” that never gets addressed. Our policymakers simply kick the can down the road on the debt issue every time. However, even more than eight years after the […]

gold florin coin

Looted Coins Returned to Austrian Musuem

July 1st, 2017 by

Regrettably, all war involves destruction and theft of the losing side. Thus it’s no surprise that the aftermath of the Second World War was one of the greatest transfers of wealth in human history—through war spoils as well as more disinterested “looting” from the rubble of Europe. We’ve come to associate looting with riots, chaos, and […]

treasure chest of gold coins

Fenn Treasure Hunt In Jeopardy

June 28th, 2017 by

The seven-year hunt for the Forrest Fenn Treasure may be coming to an end, but not how many people, including Fenn himself, expected. Paris Wallace recently became the second person to die while searching for the fabled treasure. New Mexico authorities are now calling for an end to the contest. The mystery of the bronze […]

silver kangaroo security

Perth Mint Considers New Security Measures

June 24th, 2017 by

Combating counterfeits and theft are among the chief concerns facing any government mint. In an effort to both weed out and deter fakes of all sorts, many mints have begun including special security measures on their gold and silver bullion coins. Over time, these anti-counterfeiting measures have grown more and more sophisticated.

trojan horse

Don’t Let Your Gold Be Tracked!

June 22nd, 2017 by

Let’s be loud and clear about this point: American citizens, and human beings more generally, have a right to hold wealth in a tangible form that cannot vanish from an electronic bank ledger in a moment. This would seem to be an incontrovertible truth. It’s a matter of privacy. In some cases, this simply means […]