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The Sad Story of Cecil the Lion


It is estimated that less than 20,000 lions exist in the world today. This marks a 40% reduction in population in only two decades. The killing of Zimbabwe’s famed lion, Cecil the Lion, has dealt another blow to conservationist efforts, causing a shockwave of sadness spanning the plains of Zimbabwe to all corners of the […]

Gold Prices Lift on Weaker Dollar


Gold prices in New York jumped in morning trading, after the dollar fell 1% on news that employment costs in the U.S. rose at the smallest rate ever recorded. Spot gold surged $15 an ounce to break over the $1,100 mark before settling. The large move in the dollar may have been speculators using the […]

Carat vs. Karat: What’s the Difference?


Have you ever noticed that the word carat has two separate meanings, both of which help describe the quality of high-value investments or luxury items? Although these two uses for the word are related (as we will see below), they are not the same. Learning the difference between carat (for diamonds) and karat (for gold) […]

Gold At 4-Month High, Climbing on Swiss Surprise: Morning Market Update Jan 16


Gold is flat-out ignoring a stronger dollar this morning, as investors and banks continue to scramble for a safe haven after the Swiss National Bank abruptly cut the peg of the franc to the euro. Spot gold is up to over $1,270/oz after holding on to yesterday’s massive gains overnight in Asia and Europe. The […]

Guy Harvey© Silver Rounds and 10 oz Bar Exclusively at Gainesville Coins!


Get Your Own .999 Fine Silver Bullion And Collectibles Featuring Original Guy Harvey© Artwork While Supporting A Great Cause! A portion of all proceeds go to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to fund research and education that can help us sustain a vibrant and balanced marine ecosystem! Find out more about how you can help […]

Shortage of Gold for Dubai’s “Your Weight In Gold” Campaign

According to various sources, the “Your Weight In Gold” program offered by the municipal government of Dubai (United Arab Emirates) has hit a temporary snag: there were so many successful participants this year, the distribution of prizes–in the form of gold coins–will be delayed until December. The government incentive, known in its second year as […]

Markets Rebound On High Volatility: Morning Market Update Oct 21

The dollar is seeing some volatility this morning, as the the DXY dollar spot index has been undulating above and below the 85.0 mark. In fact, the markets at large have been characterized by volatility the last several trading days, as the volatility index is at a 13-month high. This comes just three months after […]

South Africa Seeks End to Copper Thefts

We’ve all heard of criminals stealing the copper wire from electrical devices (typically air conditioning units) in order to hock the metal as scrap. While this is a somewhat common practice in the States, criminals in South Africa have taken the concept to new heights. Thefts of copper cables have become so frequent in the […]