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Shortage of Gold for Dubai’s “Your Weight In Gold” Campaign

According to various sources, the “Your Weight In Gold” program offered by the municipal government of Dubai (United Arab Emirates) has hit a temporary snag: there were so many successful participants this year, the distribution of prizes–in the form of gold coins–will be delayed until December. The government incentive, known in its second year as […]

Markets Rebound On High Volatility: Morning Market Update Oct 21

The dollar is seeing some volatility this morning, as the the DXY dollar spot index has been undulating above and below the 85.0 mark. In fact, the markets at large have been characterized by volatility the last several trading days, as the volatility index is at a 13-month high. This comes just three months after […]

South Africa Seeks End to Copper Thefts

We’ve all heard of criminals stealing the copper wire from electrical devices (typically air conditioning units) in order to hock the metal as scrap. While this is a somewhat common practice in the States, criminals in South Africa have taken the concept to new heights. Thefts of copper cables have become so frequent in the […]

In Dubai, People Who Lose Weight, Gain Gold

The municipal government of Dubai has launched a repeat of its program last summer called “Your Weight in Gold,” but this time, it’s aimed at families. Over the two month weight loss drive, anyone who loses at least two kilos (1 kg = 2.2 lbs) of weight will get one gram of physical gold per […]

Enter the $100,000 World Soccer Challenge at Gainesville Coins!

Every four years, teams from the top 32 soccer nations in the world meet to decide who is World Champion. This summer, the eyes of soccer fans across the globe turn to Rio, where powerhouse Brazil will defend its home turf against the best players in the world. Who will win? Will top-seed Brazil bring […]

Discover The Path To Your Pot of Gold This St. Patrick’s Day

Will you be gold hungry as a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day? Originating as an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century, St. Patrick’s Day is both a cultural and religious holiday that honors the death of St. Patrick as well as the birth of Christianity in Ireland. Also known as the Feast […]

What’s The Melt Value of An Oscar Statue?

We were talking about the Oscar statue around the office this morning, and decided to see what it was actually made of. It turns out that the Academy Award  of Merit, aka Oscar, weighs 8½ lb (including base) and is made of gold-plated Britannia metal (a type of pewter.) There is no resource anywhere on […]

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