French Mint Sold Out of 1,000-Euro Gold Coin Ahead of Release

April 13th, 2011 by

The French Mint (La Monnaie de Paris) is scheduled to release a beautiful new 1,000-euro gold coin this July – and as of the 11th, all reservations have been made and the coin is officially sold out. Coinweek tells the full story below:

French Mint Sold Out of New 1,000-euro gold coin, before July Release

Posted by CoinWeek on April 11, 2011 10:00 AM

The French Mint, La Monnaie de Paris, will issue a new 1,000-euro gold coin this summer. Reservations for the limited-edition coin opened on Friday, with hundreds of collectors queuing outside the Mint in Paris. As of today the coin has been sold out.

Only 10,000 of the coins will be minted. The Mint is also making a 100-euro coin in silver, of which 50,000 will be issued.

The coins are the most valuable ever created by the French Mint.

Both feature the Greek hero Hercules, representing fraternity, and two female figures symbolising equality and liberty.

The coins will be legal tender, but are more likely to be kept as collection pieces. By Saturday morning, the 1,000-euro coin was already being resold online for 1,200 euros.