Ask the Gold and Silver Chick! Coins or Bullion?

April 22nd, 2011 by

Gainesville Coins recently received this question on our Facebook page, and want to post The Gold and Silver Chick’s response here so everyone can see it. Keep your questions coming!

This week’s question:

“Should my main focus be on silver coins or bullion?”

The Gold & Silver Chick says:

To be clear: you are asking about bulk bullion vs modern coin bullion. Bullion can be used to describe modern coins in 1oz increments such as modern bullion…Canadian maple leafs, silver eagles, Austrian philharmonics, etc. And then there is bulk bullion, ie 100oz silver bars, 10oz gold bullion.
If you have a large amount of dollars that you are wanting to put into gold/silver then you might want to consider the bulk bullion to cut down on storage. Silver will use more storage room than gold. You should also be aware that as silver gets more popular, 100oz silver bars will start being counterfeited (usually made of lead), so always buy from a reputable dealer like Gainesville
If you have a smaller amount of dollars you are looking to move into gold and silver, I would recommend 1 oz coins; these will be easier to move and to barter. I would also recommend a 40%/60% ratio… 40% gold/ 60% silver. Hope that answers your question!
-The Gold and Silver Chick

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