Ask the Gold and Silver Chick! Do I Buy Silver Coins or Silver Bars?

May 10th, 2011 by

A new week means a new Gainesville Coins question! Here it is…

“Is it better to invest in silver coin or silver bars?”

Let’s discuss!

If you have a large amount of dollars that you are wanting to put into silver then you might want to consider the bulk bullion to cut down on storage. Silver will use more storage room than gold. You should also be aware that as silver gets more popular, 100 oz silver bars will start being counterfeited (they are usually made of lead), so always buy from a reputable dealer like Gainesville!

If you have a smaller amount of dollars you are looking to move into gold and silver, I would recommend 1 oz coins: these will be easier to move and to barter. I would also recommend a 40%/60% ratio… 40% gold/ 60% silver. It all depends on the dollar amount… so just assuming that you are not looking to buy a huge amount of silver, I would definitely lean towards buying the 1 oz coins.  We also now have 5 oz coins, which would make for a comfortable increase.  Hope that answers your question!

The Gold and Silver Chick

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  1. GainesvilleCoins

    Hi Michelle,

    All increments are listed on our website: go to the home page ( and then see the tab that says “BULLION.” Mouse over that, and you will see a drop down menu. Choose what metal you are looking for -gold/silver/etc. Then click on “VIEW ALL” for the metal of your choice, and all the increments we have are listed there!

    Make sure to check out our independent review as the #1 online gold seller in the country by the National Inflation Association by clicking on the NIA Best Bullion Award symbol at the right hand upper corner on the home page, or by clicking here:

    Hope that helps – let us know if you have any more questions!

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