Ask the Gold and Silver Chick! This Week: the Fiji Taku

May 23rd, 2011 by

This week’s question comes from a fan of the New Zealand Fiji Taku coin:
Hi Gold N Silver Chick!
I’m a big fan of the silver New Zealand Fiji Taku coin. I have over 30 ozs of them:) however, I know nothing about them.
Is this the first year they’ve been minted? Is it their nation coin, such as our silver eagle? Is it a temporary mintage? And, how come Gainesvillecoins is the only place I have ever seen them? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Let’s Discuss!

The Fiji Taku coin was first minted in 2010.  It is not the national coin but it is minted by the New Zealand mint and it is a legal tender coin.  The Taku coin is more common in the Australia and Asian markets vs the US market, so you might want to check around there for them.  Gainesville Coins prides itself on developing relationships with coin suppliers, and even though the New Zealand mint is not as well known as the Perth Mint, we are excited to be working with them. As soon as the New Zealand mint mints more Fiji Taku coins, we will have them in stock!

Thanks for being a customer and a fan of the Taku coin!

-The Gold and Silver Chick