Ask the Gold and Silver Chick! Is Gold Money?

July 15th, 2011 by

Today’s question is one I myself am putting forth to my readers:

“Bernanke says gold is not money. Is he right?”

My answer: Bernanke is absolutely not correct! Read on…

Gold is money, despite the fact that our Chairman of the Federal Reserve declares that gold is not money!

Bernanke stated yesterday during Senate hearings that  gold is NOT money…yet all central banks for the first time in history, since Obama came to be President, have held onto their gold and not sold their gold!

In fact, the Central Banks bought more gold in the first quarter of 2011 then they did ALL of 2010- and 2010 was a record year of the central banks buying gold! See link:

China and India for the first time have been huge buyers of gold. See link:

So our head of our Federal Reserve sits there and says gold is not money, while China is encouraging their citizens for the first time in history to buy gold. See link:  .

Then the University of Texas buys $1 Billion in gold bullion and sends it to the NY FED…   Heavens why?

And Gold is not money?? Right Mr. Bernanke…and you are the tooth fairy!

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  1. Chad

    Gold Confiscation will be sold to the general public as a necessary step to stabilizing the dollar and a return to the gold standard

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