Bargain Hunter Specials at Gainesville Coins

November 29th, 2012 by

With silver and gold prices working their way back up, I thought I’d check our inventory at Gainesville Coins and find the coins with the lowest premiums. While generic bars are usually among the lowest premiums, some people don’t have the ready cash to take advantage of them. By highlighting the silver and gold coins with the lowest premiums, we want to point out options to those buyers who feel more comfortable with coins over bars, or those everyday people who may have just a little spare cash that they wish to convert to precious metals.

For silver coins, the lowest premium is the Mexican 1919-1945 Silver 50 Centavos Coin. We are offering these coins at NO premium over spot when paid with bank wire, and only 20¢ over spot when paying with credit card. These coins are made of 720 fineness silver, and have an ASW of 0.1929 oz. An alternative is the 1968 Mexico City Olympics 25 Peso Silver Coin, also made of 720 fineness silver, but having a larger ASW of 0.5209 oz. This coin has a premium as low as 25¢ over spot.

For gold coins, our lowest premium is on the 1919-1948 Mexican 2½ Peso Gold Coin. This coin has tiered pricing that gives quantity discounts, and has a premium as low as $4.49 over spot. The Gold 2½ Peso coin is minted to 900 fineness and has an AGW of 0.0603 oz. For an alternative, we have our ever-popular 1927-1947 Mexican Gold Centenario 50 Peso Coin. This gold coin also has tiered pricing, and a premium as low as $8.29 over spot. The Centenario is minted to 900 fineness and contains 1.2057 AGW.