Treasure Coin Auction Update

December 7th, 2012 by

image courtesy The Daily Mail
1652 New England Sixpence

I thought it was time to update what happened to two old coins that recently went to auction- the 1703 “Vigo” gold coin found by a widow under her late husband’s shirts, and the 1652 colonial sixpence found in a potato field in 1991.

The Queen Anne “Vigo” gold coin was minted from Spanish gold captured in battle by English warships in 1702. Only 20 coins were minted, and only 15 were known to still exist before this one was discovered. The estimated maximum price prior to the auction was £120,000 ($192,360), but the final hammer price was £296,160 ($474,093).

The 1652 New England sixpence silver coin was the first coin minted in the American colonies, and the most valuable coin found in the U.S. with a metal detector when it sold for $35,000 in 1991. Well, the bar has been raised for you treasure hunters out there: this coin, expected to sell for $100,000 sold for a final price of $431,250! There are only 8 of these coins known to exist, and three of those are in museums.