NZ Mint Inks $6 Million Deal With Island Nation of Niue

December 18th, 2012 by

The private New Zealand Mint has announced a new ten-year, $6 million (NZD) deal with the tiny island nation of Niue to produce commemorative coins under its name and use the image of Queen Elizabeth on the coins. This new deal extends the current working relationship between the New Zealand Mint and the government of Niue.

Niue is a coral atoll in the South Pacific that is in free association with New Zealand. A former British and New Zealand colony, the citizens of Niue hold dual citizenship in New Zealand and depend on New Zealand aid for most of its income. Over 90% of Niueans (approximately 20,000) live in New Zealand, with fewer than 1500 remaining on the island.

As part of the new agreement, the New Zealand Mint will sponsor two annual scholarships for Niuean students to study to attend the Outward Bound leadership course in New Zealand’s South Island.

(press release)