Own Saint-Gaudens’ Original Vision in 2009 Ultra-High Relief Gold Double Eagle

January 3rd, 2013 by


Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ 1907 gold Double Eagle design is considered by many to be the most beautiful U.S. coin ever made. However, the original ultra-high relief design, championed by President Theodore Roosevelt, was deemed unworkable for circulation coinage by the U.S. Mint, as they were too difficult to mint, requiring multiple strikes per coin. A third version of the design, altered by Saint-Gaudens’ rival, Mint engraver Charles Barber, finally went into production.

In 2008, the U.S. Mint made computer scans of Saint-Gaudens’ original plaster models and produced a limited edition 24k gold ultra-high relief Double Eagle that realized the artist’s vision. By the end of the production run in 2009, only 115,178 coins had been minted.

Gainesville Coins is proud to offer one of these coins in original velvet-lined mahogany box from the U.S. Mint, with Certificate of Authentication. (note that the companion book is missing.)


There are a few subtle changes the U.S. Mint made when reproducing Saint-Gaudens’ original vision: The year in Roman numerals was changed to 2009; four stars were added to the design for the four states that have joined the Union since 1907; and the inscription “In God We Trust” was added. Otherwise, the design is as Saint-Gaudens intended, including the edge with the inscription “E Pluribus Unum” separated by stars.