Answers Demanded in Ghana Over “Mystery Jet” Full of Gold to Iran

January 28th, 2013 by


GhanaWeb reports on calls by government watchdog the Danquah Institute for answers from the President over the “mystery jet” filled with 1.5 tons Ghanian gold seized by Turkey. The Airbus A300 was seized by Turkish customs officials in Istanbul for missing papers on its way to Iran.

The cargo plane full of gold was declared by the Ghanian government to be payment to Iran for a “financial commitment” between the two countries. However, it seems that there is no publicly-known “transaction” between Ghana and Iran that would necessitate payment of $80 million in gold bullion.  Danquah Institute also reveals that the Ghanian president made a secret trip to Turkey while the jet was being held.

The organization poses several questions to the public, demanding answers from the government: How does an official transaction between the government of Ghana and the government of Iran so lack basic documentation that the jet would be impounded? What was this “official transaction,” and why was it necessary to pay it in gold? Ghana has been an oil producing nation since 2011, so what was it that Iran gave Ghana that cost $80 million?

“Are Ghanaians aware that we barter with gold with the Islamic Republic of Iran, or any other government for that matter? What is Iran giving Ghana which requires our financial commitments to her be made in gold? Is Ghana’s parliament aware of such a transaction?

Our checks reveal that there is no such arrangement between Ghana and Iran to the effect that our financial commitments to Iran have to be paid in gold.”

-Danquah Institute

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