Ghana President Orders Investigation Into “Mystery Plane” of Gold to Iran

January 29th, 2013 by

President John Mahama of Ghana has ordered an official investigation into the case of a Turkish jet full of gold that was detained in Istanbul on January 1st for missing papers. Media reports in Turkey and Iran said that the 1.5 tons of gold was from the government of Ghana and was headed to Iran.

The Mahama administration has denied that the gold was from Ghana, and says it has no knowledge about the incident. Presidential spokesman John Jinapor told reporters “Investigations are being carried out and so when we get enough and adequate information, we would relay it to the people of Ghana. But I can confirm that the government of Ghana has not, has not shipped any gold neither has it transferred any gold.”

Joy News in Ghana has been investigating the story, and more questions than answers seem to be uncovered.  While, according to Turkish reports, the Airbus A300 cargo jet flew from Ghana to Turkey, it is uncertain if the flight originated in Ghana, or if the jet was just stopping in Accra mid-flight. To add to the mystery, airport officials in Ghana have no record at all of an Airbus A300 taking off from Kotoka International Airport in Accra on the dates in question. The national Minerals Commission has no record of any public or private transaction of such a large sum of gold.

This raises questions of whether the flight plan the plane’s pilot filed with Turkish authorities was genuine, and if not, where did the plane actually come from? Whose gold was it that Turkish customs officials found on the plane?