Meet the Artist Behind the Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Coins

February 7th, 2013 by


The Perth Mint Coin Collector Blog recently introduced coin designer Ing Jong to the public. Ms. Jong is the artist who designed the silver and the gold 2013 Lunar Year of the Snake coins. The Lunar coins series is one of the most popular collectible bullion coin lines in the world, offering many different varieties such as bullion, proof, colorized, and even coins with real gemstone eyes.

When given the prestigious assignment, Ms. Jong went to the Perth zoo to observe up-close how snakes move and behave, to better capture their likeness in the coin designs. She remarked “I reflected my experience by portraying the patience and charming nature of the snake. I particularly enjoyed showing the calmness and control of the animal. The design best reflects a traditional Chinese style of painting where the snake blends in to its natural environment.” Jong has been a coin designer at Perth Mint since 2011.