Gold and Silver Eagle Sales Remain Strong in February at U.S. Mint

March 5th, 2013 by

The U.S. Mint sales figures for February are in, and show strong year over year sales on both Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles.  Total weight of Gold Eagles sold last month was 80,500 troy ounces, nearly quadruple the 21,000 troy ounces sold in February 2012. Total Silver Eagle sales were more than double, 3,368,500 compared to 1,490,000 a year ago.

Year to date sales for the Gold Eagles is 230,500 ozt and over ten million ounces for the Silver Eagle (10,866,500.) This compares to 148,000 ounces for the Gold Eagles and 7,597,000 for the Silver Eagles in Jan-Feb 2012.

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