Beachcombing Father and Son Find Medieval Gold Coins in Devon

March 14th, 2013 by


One of the Quarter Noble gold coins found on a beach in Dartmouth

The South Devon Herald Express reports on the discovery of a father and son who were trying out the son’s metal detector that he had gotten for a birthday present while beach combing at Slapton Sands in Dartmouth.  The duo discovered two medieval gold coins, one dating from between 1361 and 1363 from the reign of Edward III and the other from the reign of Henry V, of Hundred Years War fame (1413-1422.)

The family turned the coins over to the coroner, who declared them treasure. An inquest will now assign a value to the gold coins, known as “quarter nobles,” then the Plymouth Museum will decide whether to buy them. If the coins are returned to the father and son, they have stated that they will lend them to the Dartmouth Museum for display.