Archaeologists Begin Excavations at Ancient Greek Mines of Mt. Pangeon

March 25th, 2013 by


Archaeology News Network reports on a recent paper by Markos Vaxevanopoulos, PhD Candidate of the Mineralogy-Petrology-Economic Geology Department at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, regarding the trial excavations at the ancient gold and silver mines of Mount Pangeon. These mines were mentioned by ancient Greek historians, and were the source of the great wealth of Athens. Their remoteness and he rough nature of the terrain has dissuaded archaeological activities until now.

The excavations hope to uncover details of ancient Greek mining and smelting techniques, as well as how people lived in the towns that sprang up in the area. The first trial trenches were dug last November on the southern portion of the mountain.

For more information on the mines and ancient mining techniques, check this history of the Lavrion mines by Michail Samouhos, a Phd candidate in metallurgy at National Technical University of Athens, whose passion is investigating the ancient mines of Greece.