Store’s Promotion Draws 10,000 Gold Buyers in East China

June 14th, 2013 by

Some of the 10,000 people waiting for their 15 minutes to buy gold at a 20% discount (China Daily)

This past Tuesday, a large gold store in the city of Jinan, in Shandong province in eastern China, ran a promotion selling gold at 299 yuan per gram – a discount of 50 to 70 yuan, depending on the spot price that day.  Police had to be called in and barricades erected to lend some sense of order to the scene, as an estimated 10,000 shoppers thronged to the store. To handle the demand, each shopper was given only 15 minutes to elbow through dozens of other shoppers, choose and pay for their purchases.

The view inside the store, as shoppers make the most of their 15 minute window to buy gold at a nearly 20% discount (China Daily)