Four Nabbed in India Smuggling $131,000 in Gold

June 21st, 2013 by


Police arrested four men in two separate incidents at Indira Gandhi International Airport on the same day, according to the Times of India. Officials confiscated a total of three kilograms of gold, worth Rs 78 lakh ($131,607).

In the first case, an informant alerted police about two men arriving from Bangkok who were smuggling gold. After an extensive search of their persons and baggage, two kilograms were found inside the TV stands of two wide-screen TVs the two men were bringing into the country.  The two ratted out their accomplice who was waiting to pick them up from the airport. Instead of him picking the smugglers up, police picked him up.

In a second case, another man arriving from Bangkok had a dime dropped on him, and police were waiting for him at the gate. After a thorough search if his person and belongings, police ran him through a full-body xray at a nearby hospital. The exam revealed six gold bricks in his… um… “lower abdomen,” weighing a total of one kilogram.  Officers retrieved the gold from the bum’s bum and he was carted off on smuggling charges.

Gold smuggling has become rampant in India as import duties have quadrupled in the last two years to 8% of value, and a falling rupee makes gold ever more expensive for Indians. Smuggling has become so widespread that some large airports have purchased custom metal detectors that sense gold instead of weapons.

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