The Coin Adventurer Corner: Israel’s “Samson and the Lion” 2009 Proof Gold Coin

July 2nd, 2013 by

There is more than freshly-minted gold and silver at Gainesville Coins. We also receive precious metal coins and bars from all over the world, some over 100 years old! We purchase these items from collectors, estates, jewelry and coin shops, and others – what is called the “secondary market.”

Sometimes when I’m nosing around in our vaults or passing the receiving desk, I see something that catches my eye. I will be sharing these items in this new column, “The Coin Adventurer Corner.” There’s no telling what I might dig up!


Here’s something today that I really wish I could spring for – the 2009 proof gold “Samson and the Lion” 10 new sheqalim coin from Israel. This coin was limited to a worldwide mintage of only 555 coins, and features an image of Samson wrestling the lion in an illustrative style like that of ancient Canaan. The engraved lines are actually a shiny proof finish on the matte background.

The reverse has the legend “Samson and the Lion” in English, Hebrew and Arabic on a proof field, along with the face value and national arms of Israel.¬† This coin is made of 22K gold, with .500 ozt AGW.

There isn’t much that can make me drop what I’m doing, and go to the vaults to dig a coin out on the spot to showcase it, but this coin certainly did just that. This would make an outstanding gift for that special person of faith, or to treasure for yourself.

by The Coin Adventurer