First Mint of Ottoman Empire to be Restored

July 3rd, 2013 by

First Ottoman Mint as it appears today

First Ottoman Mint as it appears today

Restoration work on the first mint of the Ottoman Empire, located in Bursa, Turkey. Bursa was the first Ottoman capital, and still contains many buildings from that era. The mint, constructed in the 1300s, struck the first Ottoman coins.

At a ceremony marking the start of the restoration, Bursa mayor Recep Altepe noted “Bursa is very special in term of having the first marketplace, Turkish bath, hospital, public house and dervish lodge in the Ottoman era. This mint is another example of historical heritage found in Bursa in which the first money of the Ottomans was minted.” The work is expected to be finished by October.

The restored mint will become a cultural center, with a section recounting its history and a display of Ottoman currencies.

(original story at Hurriyet Daily News)