Perth Mint Gold Sales Up 41%, Silver Up 33% in 2013

January 2nd, 2014 by

2013-gold-kangarooThe design featured on the reverse of the silver coins depicts two horses standing in a Chinese landscape inspired by traditional Chinese painting styles. The two animals standing together represent the creature’s social nature and companionship.

The Perth Mint has reported its year-end totals on precious metals sales for 2013, showing that gold sales increased 41% to 754,635 troy oz., and silver sales increased 31% to 8.6 million troy oz. These increases were spurred by the “takedowns” in bullion prices in April and June, leading to a scene one Perth Mint official said had “people running through the gate” to buy.

2013 was also the year that physical gold buying in Asia, especially China, became a large market force, as retail investors clamored for physical hedging assets over paper ones.

The U.S. Mint saw a record year for the American Silver Eagle Program in 2013, with over 42.6 million 1 oz coins sold. Total non-numismatic bullion numbers for the U.S. Mint was 1,095,500 troy oz of gold Eagles and Buffalos, and 42,835,000 troy oz for the Silver Eagle and America The Beautiful 5oz silver coins.