“Perfect” Key Date 1993 Gold Eagle Sets Record At Auction

January 3rd, 2014 by


A 1993 half-ounce American Gold Eagle proof coin, graded a perfect PF70 DCAM by PCGS, was recently auctioned for a record $22,825 by GreatCollections. This amazing price for a modern bullion coin is a result of so few being struck in perfect condition at the U.S. Mint. PCGS only has records of 32 1993 $25 Gold Eagles that they have graded PF70.

“Although we have sold a lot of coins over the past few years, this was the first 1993-P $25 Half Ounce Gold Eagle, graded PCGS Proof-70 DCAM that we have offered in our auctions.  We have a number of serious collectors who need this coin to complete their sets.”

-Ian Russell, President/founder of GreatCollections.

The coin in encapsulated with a special label signed by Edmund C. Moy, Director of the U.S. Mint in 1993.