Gainesville Coins’ Night At the Oscars: Our Top Three Fashion Picks

March 3rd, 2014 by

Another night at the Oscars?

Simply radiant tonight!

Not for Gainesville Coins. This year, the ladies were all about looking natural and elegant. Our top fashion picks? For one, Lady Liberty. She dazzled on our red carpet once again. Known as “Walking Liberty,” she was graceful, dressed in a long free-flowing vintage gown, designed by A. A. Weinman. Her short hair cut was enchanting for all to see, especially accented with a darling flapper style cap. You couldn’t keep your eyes off her saunter either, and what about her posture? She was statuesque with a lovely prize bouquet in arm. Walking Liberty is known for reinventing herself for every appearance, but this proof look tops them all.

Lady Britannia

Sometimes known as Liberty’s onscreen rival, Miss Britannia was striking in a modern, yet epic Romanesque gown by Robert Hunt, and is our second pick. She appeared bold and sleek with her trident and helmet, as she moved elegantly on the 2013 1 oz Silver Britannia Bullion Coin.

Stunning Drapery

Stunning Drapery


Switzerland’s Helvetia was also not one to miss. She did not reveal the designer, but radiated in long gold draping dress as number three on our list. Helvetia wore her hair down with a lovely floral tiara. She appeared composed and relaxed with sword and shield by her side.

Marked down in history once again, last night’s Oscar fashion was indeed classic. Makeup that was not immoderate was the popular choice among the ladies, which enhanced each actresses natural beauty. Lady Liberty glowed from head to toe, and is obviously our top pick!


by Brenda Letellier, Gainesville Coins, March 3, 2014.