1500 Year-Old Gold Horde Found Under City Square In Utrecht

April 21st, 2014 by


Two of the gold coins found under the Domplein (Cathedral Square) in Utrecht, Netherlands

Construction of an underground museum underneath the early medieval Domplein (Cathedral Square) in Utrecht was interrupted recently by the discovery of 52 gold and 12 silver coins, dating from 560 – 700 AD.  Hailed as a “unique” find by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the gold coins are Frisian copies of early Frankish “Tramissis” coins, themselves copies from late Roman coins. The dozen silver coins were identified as sceattas, which were used along the southern coast of the North Sea and in Anglo-Saxon England at the time.

The coins are considered historically significant, as it shows the presence of a mint at Utrecht as far back as the 700s. The Royal Dutch Mint is still located at Utrecht. The horde is on display at the Centraal Museum of Utrechet for three weeks.