Gold Still Near 3-Month Highs, Platinum Continues Rally: Morning Market Update July 2

July 2nd, 2014 by

Gold and silver both closed near flat yesterday, with gold down 80¢ and silver up 2¢. Platinum rallied strongly to break the $1500 mark, gaining $22.00 to close at $1,504. Palladium put in a good show as well, climbing $11.00 to a technically significant $851.

Gold and silver continue to trade in a tight range, with gold holding near three-month highs. Both metals shrugged off a better-than-expected ADP private payrolls report this morning in New York, to trade just above unchanged. Gold is maintaining a level between $1,325 and $1,330, while silver trades to either side of $21.

Platinum eased slightly in Asia before catching a small rally in Europe. Palladium followed suit, and both are trading slightly higher in New York. Platinum is trading near ten-month highs.

employment reportThe ADP private sector payroll report for June, which excludes local, state, and federal government jobs, showed an increase of 281,000 people in the workforce. Despite being a very healthy number, both stocks and metals did little more than twitch at the news. The dollar jumped on the numbers, but has still been unable to regain the 80 mark on the DXY dollar index.  Traders are going to be unwilling to expose themselves over the long July 4 weekend, and many Wall St firms will probably be mostly empty by tomorrow afternoon.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen

Fed Chair Janey Yellen will be speaking before the International Monetary Fund at 11am Eastern Time. Markets will be watching to see her reaction to the ADP numbers, though she will likely reserve any judgment until the official Bureau of Labor Statistics non-farm payrolls report is released tomorrow.

Markets will also be keen to see if Yellen dismisses growing assets bubbles and cost-push inflation (especially in food) as “noise” again, that the Fed will ignore. More and more people are concerned that the Fed thinks it can stop inflation with a snap of the fingers once it builds up a head of steam.

In other commodities, crude oil prices have eased marginally, as reports circulate that Libyan rebels are ready to allow exports through the oil terminal ports that they captured. Extremist Sunni rebels in Iraq have yet to disrupt oil exports to a major extent, and Saudi Arabia and Iran stand ready to make up any differences.

by Steven Cochran

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