Large Hoard of Jewish Great Revolt Coins Found in Jerusalem

August 5th, 2014 by

JewishRevoltCoinsA large hoard of bronze coins, which were minted by the revolutionary Jewish government of Israel just months before the Romans destroyed the Second Temple, have been found by construction crews working on the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv highway.

Excavations revealed a previously unknown village which would have been on the outskirts of Jerusalem during the Roman period. Every coin carry the same date — “Year Four” — meaning the fourth year of the Jewish revolt against Rome. Experts say that these coins were minted only a few months before the sack of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple by Roman troops in 70 AD. The coins were found all together in a pottery container, and had been hidden either in a wall or under the floor of the home where they were discovered 2,000 years later.

The inhabitants, which are thought to have been part of the revolutionary Jewish leadership to have so many coins of the same mintage, never returned to claim the coins. This village, and other surrounding villages, was destroyed by the Romans when they destroyed Jerusalem and tore down the Second Temple.

Masada_coinEighth Shekel Jewish Revolt coin, similar to those found recently (wikipedia)

(story from Times of Israel)