The Week Ahead: October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015 by

Here’s what to look for in the news this week that may factor into where markets move:

  • The FOMC holds its October policy meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. Most do not expect the central bank to change interest rates this month.
  • Gold options expire on Wednesday, October 27th, as well. There could be a bit more volatility in gold trading on this particular trading day.
  • Portugal may be facing a constitutional crisis after denying left-wing parties, which won a majority of seats in the country’s parliament in recent elections, the opportunity to form a governing coalition. The rationale is that the Socialist-led, anti-austerity coalition poses a threat to the unity of the Eurozone.


  • Due to the splitting of Japan’s Yakuza crime sydnicate into two rival gangs, the organization is cancelling its annual Halloween custom of handing out candy to local children, a tradition that goes back generations.
  • China’s leaders will gather to discuss the country’s next 5-year economic plan, its 13th such planned period since the country’s Communist Revolution.
  • Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK)—much maligned in here in the Tampa-Saint Peterburg metro area—agrees to a $4.9-billion acquisition of project partner Piedmont Natural Gas (NYSE:PNY).