Jindal drops Presidential bid

Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race

November 18th, 2015 by

Bobby_JindalWith the admission that “I’ve come to the realization that this is not my time,” Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal became the latest casualty in the crowded GOP Presidential primary. Once considered a rising star of the GOP, and touted as the “Republican Obama,” he couldn’t beat the “outsider” meme that has been a hallmark of this primary season.

Jindal is the third candidate to fold his tent, preceded by fellow governors Rick Perry of Texas, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

In an election year that has seen an unprecedented number of candidates for President, it has been difficult for someone without the bombast of Donald Trump to gain air time. Unable to gain traction as the “policy wonk” he is known as, Jindal fell into the trap of attacking Trump just to get noticed. Abandoning his persona as the “ideas guy” and son of Indian immigrants that made the big time, Jindal’s pandering to the far right wing of the party disappointed his former supporters and left the right wing unimpressed.

Denied the Limelight

Relegated to the “kid’s table” in the crowded Presidential debates, he never got the chance to impress a prime time audience with his grasp of policy. His professed creationist beliefs and denial of climate change were considered a given in a primary that trended ever-more to the right and the outrageous, with Donald Trump sucking the oxygen out of the campaigns of nearly every other candidate.

Never polling above 2% in national polls, and under 1% recently, Jindal’s realization that “this was not his time” came after almost everyone else’s.



Jindal drops Presidential bid