Scavenger Hunters Rewarded With Silver, Gold Coins

December 15th, 2015 by

Source: Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard (U.K.)

Source: Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard (U.K.)

Each year—typically around Easter time—children compete in scavenger hunts in order to locate brightly-colored plastic eggs filled with sweets and chocolate. Unfortunately, this is basically the only time of year when anyone thinks about scavenger hunting.

In Tetbury, a small town in England, a town-wide scavenger hunt is underway. Instead of Easter eggs, the competitors are vying for gold and silver coins!

So far, a pair of silver coins have been recovered by participants in the hunt, and an even more exciting prize is up for grabs at the end of the contest.

Christmas Celebration

A local business, the Café 53, is the host of the scavenger hunt event. Residents and tourists alike can take part in the contest by deciphering riddles provided by café owner David Nicholls. He came up with the idea as a way of to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the business.

So far, the winners of the scavenger hunt have been rewarded by finding a Victorian-era silver crown (worth roughly £30, or $45) at the location that the clue led them to. A crown is any dollar-sized silver coin, although in the context of British coinage, it referred to the 5-schilling coin. The name has been used for silver (and originally gold) coins since the time of Henry VIII in the mid-16th century.

Gold Sovereign depicting St. George slaying the Dragon

Gold Sovereign depicting St. George slaying the Dragon

The grand prize of the Café 53 scavenger hunt will be a British Gold Sovereign that local newspapers cite as “worth upwards of £200,” or $300. The finale that concludes the hunt will take place sometime between Boxing Day (the traditional English holiday the day following Christmas) and the New Year.

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