Gold In the Carpets?

January 14th, 2017 by

In small, highly pure particles, gold is present virtually everywhere. Sure, the amounts are microscopic, but you’d be shocked by how much gold is drifting around in the ocean in the form of flakes, or twinkling through rivers and streams that have carved through ancient rock formations where it may also be found as gold dust. If taken collectively, this amounts to untold tons—as in metric tonnes—of pure gold.

Maybe you’re thinking, “If only there were a way to gather or filter all of it!”

Theoretically, there are cumbersome, expensive methods that employ the cutting-edge of science and technology to filter tiny gold particles from such low concentrations of the precious metal.

But what if you could essentially just vacuum it up from the ground? If the gold dust was there in sufficient amounts, it wouldn’t be too complicated or costly.

One jewelry store in the U.K. did exactly that, recycling the gold and silver bits hiding in the carpet of its showroom, with spectacular results to follow. In the process, they found out that if you operate in an industry where your employees often handle gold, it might not be a good idea to throw out the dander and detritus once you’re done cleaning!

£13,000 of Gold—One Grain at a Time

As part of a contest, the jeweler entertained guesses as to what the value of the precious metals recovered from a carpet that had lain dormant for 15 years. The winner got to choose a charity that this amount would then be donated to.

This generous gesture will be worth £13,000 ($15,600) to the local Hospice Care in the city of Jersey. The contest winner with the closest guess had ventured £12,450 would be found.


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