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New 2018 Silver Medal Designs Recommended

April 3rd, 2017 by

The 2018 docket for the U.S. Mint includes an exciting set of silver medals that honor the United States Armed Services. Now, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) has made its recommendations to the mint for the designs to be featured on these medals.

WWI Centennial

The cause for the 2018 commemoratives is the 100th anniversary (also known asĀ centennial) of the end of World War I, once famously known as the Great Armistice. First and foremost, the mint will introduce a commemorative silver dollar for this centennial honor, but no design has been settled upon yet for the coin.

Ideally, the WWI silver dollar will capture a consistent theme exhibited by the series of silver medals. A unique design has been submitted for each of the branches of the Armed Services: the Army, the Navy, the Air Services (or Air Force), the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard.

army silver medal

Image courtesy of CCAC via Numismatic News

Both obverse and reverse designs for the various medals were chosen by the CCAC from a set of proposed images. The medal honoring the U.S. Army is shown above. It shares an inscription with the Navy and Coast Guard silver medals bearing the phrase “Over There!” This refers to a wildly popular patriotic song of that title from the time period that encouraged American men to enlist and fight overseas.

You can find the committee’s recommended images of the other four medals in an article fromĀ Numismatic News. While the U.S. Mint generally follows the preferred designs chosen by the CCAC, the Commission of Fine Arts also gives its input, and the mint makes the final decision.

At the same meeting, committee members also offered comments about the upcoming Palladium Eagle bullion coin to be struck by the mint this year. Two more issues were taken up by the CCAC in addition to selecting these designs. First, the committee discussed the Congressional Gold Medal that will honor Filipino soldiers who fought for the U.S. during the Second World War. The CCAC also passed a motion to explore designing a sixth silver medal honoring women who served the war effort during WWI.


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