British Gold Sovereign coin

Astounding Gold Coin Collection Goes to Auction

July 21st, 2017 by

It’s always exciting when a longtime collector of coins decides to bring their entire numismatic portfolio to auction. With the most legendary coin collections—such as the staggering Pogue or Newman ensembles of U.S. coins—the sale is not just broken into many separate lots for bidding. They must in fact be split into several separate days of auctions.

An historic collection of modern and medieval British gold coins acquired over 40 years by the same collector is about to come up for auction in the U.K., although it’s not quite that massive: Just one day is allotted for its sale!

Nonetheless, it ranks among the most valuable and high-quality caches of rare gold coins to come up this year.

Collecting a Wide Breadth of British Gold Coins

Gold Sovereign depicting St. George slaying the Dragon

Gold Sovereign depicting St. George slaying the Dragon

What’s most astounding about this collection is not simply its high value, nor only the exceptional quality of its specimens, but is chiefly the incredible breadth of time it covers. A local newspaper in Burton describes just one box of the hoard including 31 gold coins. Assembled over the course of four decades by the seller, the collection presumably contains a number of other 20th-century British coins.

There are many modern Gold Sovereigns (guineas) in the collection, to be sure. This is probably the most representative gold coin of British numismatics, making it a fitting centerpiece for a noteworthy collection. However, the star of the auction will undoubtedly be a particularly well-preserved gold noble coin that dates to the middle of the 14th century. Its estimated value is as high as £4,000.

These coins will be auctioned later this year on November 28th and are expected to realize “thousands” of pounds in total.


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