Expecting a Snack Yet Finding Gold Krugerrands?

December 2nd, 2017 by

A retirement home in South Africa recently received what appeared to be a package of nutritional drinks. There was nothing particularly exciting about this routine development—until employees at the facility discovered something hidden beneath the drinks.

In a box underneath the snacks, they were astonished to find a huge cache of gold coins!

Of course, one is reminded of how central bankers often like to point out that “you can’t eat gold.” Yet it begs the obvious question: How in the world did those coins get there?

The story was reported by The Local in Germany on Friday. The package was sent by a recently widowed woman who decided to donate the drinks after her husband passed away. It turns out, in fact, that the coin collection did indeed belong to her late husband, as well.

Workers at the senior center were unloading the drinks when they came across an ice box underneath. It was filled with gold coins, including over 100 Krugerrands, the one-ounce gold coins that South Africa is famous for. Each of these coins retails for over $1,300. Estimates of the entire collection’s worth is somewhere in the range of €100,000, according to the German reports.

It sounds as if the coins were a kind of savings for retirement for the couple. While the woman confirmed that she knew about the stash of coins, she was baffled as to how they ended up in the package of drinks. The details behind this strange discovery remain unclear. It’s possible it was an innocent mix-up. Nonetheless, given the value of the Krugerrands and other gold coins, a police investigation is underway to determine if some plan of theft or fraud was at hand.


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