gold christmas tree

Is This The Coolest Christmas Tree Ever?

December 17th, 2017 by

Gold and silver are often associated with the festive decorations that accompany the Christmas season. The luster and sparkle of precious metals fit in well amid all of the ornaments, snowfall, colorful lights, and red-and-green stockings that abound this time of year.

However, a uniquely dazzling Christmas tree display made entirely of gold is bringing the holiday cheer to Tokyo in style.

gold christmas tree

Image courtesy of Ginza Tanaka via Sys-Con Media

The jeweler and precious metals dealer Ginza Tanaka, a firm based in Japan, has partnered with the Austrian Mint to construct an awe-inspiring Christmas tree (shown, left) that was constructed from hundreds of Gold Philharmonic bullion coins.

These 99.99% pure gold coins are the flagship bullion product of the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich) and have been the most popular gold coin for investors throughout Europe since being introduced in 1989. Somewhat more surprising is that this Austrian coins is also the best-selling gold coin in Japan. Their clever and eye-appealing design celebrates the world-renown Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The golden tree was arranged by hand with the aid of an acrylic pyramid as the skeleton. According to press releases and reporting by CoinWeek, it is made up of 2,017 individual Gold Philharmonic coins that are all dated 2017, except for a 20-ounce Philharmonic at the apex of the display as the traditional Christmas tree star. The 20 oz Gold Philharmonic is known as a “Big Phil,” and was a special commemorative series issued on the 20th anniversary of the Gold Philharmonic in 2009.

In total, this marvelous arrangement’s weight in pure gold is an amazing 63 kilograms and the tree stands about 9 feet tall. Its melt value alone is more than $2.5 million, or roughly ¥300 million!

Adding to the aesthetic effect is a circular platform that rotates, allowing the coins to glimmer in the light. The tree will remain on display at the main Ginza Tanaka storefront until Christmas Day. The company’s tradition of creating a Christmas tree made from precious metals actually goes back to 2005, but this is the first version to use Gold Philharmonics.


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