This Guy Paid for a Car With Coins and It Went Viral [VIDEO]

January 20th, 2018 by

Thanks to inflation, it’s increasingly uncommon for people to pay for anything with coins.

Perhaps when it’s just a bag of chips or a stick of gum, you may see someone pay with a handful of coins.

But what about this: a Chinese businessman bought a BMW—yes, an automobile!—entirely in coins.

The bizarre story quickly made the rounds across the web. It’s hard to believe—but, don’t worry, there’s video evidence.

The $11,000 down payment for the car (which equals roughly 70,000 Chinese yuan) was made in spare change!

All of the coins were 5-mao coins, a denomination unit that is a fraction of the yuan (or renminbi, as the currency is also known). This created quite a lot of work for the employees at the car dealership!

Believe it or not, a very similar story occurred in China in 2015. In that instance, the purchase of a car was made only with 1-yuan coins. You can find a video of it here.

In most countries, legal tender laws don’t compel a store owner or the proprietor of a business to necessarily accept any and every form of cash payment. Consider the example of gas stations often not accepting bills larger than $20 because they can’t make change. This is perfectly within their legal rights.

However, there have been cases in the West where someone chooses to make a large purchase (or, more often, pay a government fine) entirely in nickels or pennies as an act of defiance or insubordination.

This time, it seems the strange payment was strictly business.


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