Motor Trend Journalists Visit London’s Gold Market

January 28th, 2018 by

Wealth and lifestyle are often closely interconnected ideas.

Sure, there’s always the outlier like Warren Buffett, who has tens of billions of dollars but has chosen to live in the same home and drive the same car for decades.

In general, however, people tend to associate large sums of money with a certain outward style.

A lighthearted report from the auto magazine Motor Trend seems to confirm this connection.

Transporting Gold In Style

Moving gold bullion around is always a sensitive process. This is true even over short distances.

You never know who may be waiting to interrupt the transportation route.

Hence almost all movement of gold bullion is done by armored trucks. Even with relatively small quantities of gold, this is a commonplace precaution.

When Motor Trend journalists visited the famous gold district in London, they decided to spice up one of these routine delivery trips.

Rather than using an armored vehicle, one of London’s bullion refiners allowed the Motor Trend team to transport a sizable delivery of .9999 fine gold bars across the city in a trio of sports cars.

All three were Porsches.

The cars carried a total of about $14 million worth of gold bullion, dwarfing the combined value of these three high-end cars.

If this all seems like a pretty conspicuous way to handle so much gold, you would be right. Of course, it’s worth noting that the miniature parade of Porsches was escorted by a police motorcade. The journalists were also accompanied by an employee of the armored vehicle service Brinks.

The description of the trip in Motor Trend makes for an entertaining read.


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