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Near field communication (NFC) tags are appearing in new bullion products, supposedly as a security enhancement. They allow the metal to be tracked and its sale recorded digitally. However, this technology poses a huge privacy risk.

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Everett Millman

Everett Millman

Analyst, Commodities and Finance

Managing Editor

In addition to writing about the financial and commodities markets, Everett is the editor and content manager for the Gainesville News team. He graduated with his B.A. in History and has been the featured author on a number of news websites, including

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Steven Cochran

Steven Cochran

Analyst, Debt and Equities

Senior Columnist

Steven is the senior columnist for Gainesville News. Also a graduate of the University of South Florida, Steven specializes in market analysis with an emphasis on stocks, corporate bonds, and government debt. He writes a monthly review of the precious metals markets for

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Shaquille Brissett

Shaquille Brissett

Political Analyst and Columnist

Shaquille, a college student studying Political Science at the University of South Florida, covers news in politics and how it impacts the markets for Gainesville News. Shaquille’s articles have been featured on CoinWeek, Edarticle, and Strike-The-Root, among other sites.

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