Rally in Dollar Dampening Gold Rebound: Morning Market Update July 25

Gold and silver are near unchanged from yesterday’s New York close, gaining marginally in Europe after a slight softening in Asia. Platinum is up slightly, while palladium is continuing a modest overnight rally.

A strong dollar rally the last couple of days are keeping a lid on gold’s positive correction today, but it is still gaining, despite that headwind. The greenback momentarily broke the 81 level on the DXY dollar index for the first time since early February this morning. The dollar is being helped by the skittish mood in the EU, as the markets ponder if their leaders actually do have the courage to enact meaningful sanctions. The EU economy is at the tipping point, one way or the other, and doing the right thing morally could throw Europe back into recession.

This was reflected in the drop today of the Ifo index of German business sentiment, which weakened the euro.

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Gold Eases On Jobless Claims, China PMI : Morning Market Update July 24

Precious metals are lower this morning, as stock market performance and economic reports take the edge off any safe haven sentiment. Paper contracts amounting to 300,000 oz of gold were sold in two minutes this morning in New York, edging the price under $1,300 and setting off some pre-placed automatic sell orders. Gold hit a four-week low of $1,293. Silver moved downward at the same time in sympathy. The PGMs are seeing some profit-taking this morning. Prices at 10am were gold at $1,293, silver at $20.67, platinum at $1,463 and palladium at $865.

Yesterday’s closing spot prices were gold at $1,304, silver at $20.91, platinum at $1,477, and palladium at $869.

As mentioned yesterday, expect some “nudging” of the gold price by the big players ahead of the options expiry Monday morning. With volume so light lately, a large buy or sell order can have a greater than usual effect on the spot price, but long-term trends will follow fundamentals.

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The Legendary Great White Buffalo – Immortalized in Gold!

The 1998 Canadian $200 gold White Buffalo coin was the second release in a four-coin series released by the Royal Canadian Mint to commemorate beliefs and traditions of First Nations people, the Native Canadians and Americans. Designed by native artist, Alex Janvier, the coin’s reverse depicts a white buffalo rearing up on its hind legs.

This Canadian 1998 gold coin honors the White Buffalo.

This Canadian 1998 gold coin honors the White Buffalo.

The White Buffalo is synonymous with the exceptionally rare, often used colloquially in the same sense as the “White Whale” of Melville’s Moby Dick. The significance of the elusive White Buffalo is derived from the legends of the Teton Dakota and related tribes of the plains of the northern U.S. and southern Canada. White Buffalo Calf Maiden is the legendary “wakan” or holy figure credited with introducing a sacred pipe ceremony to the Teton Dakota, and thus the birth of a white buffalo is seen as a sacred omen. In addition to the Teton Dakota, many tribes throughout the plains including the Chipewyan people of western Canada attribute significance to the white buffalo.

It is estimated that only one in every few million buffalo are born white, making them rare indeed. Fortunately, Gainesville Coins has this coin in stock, so look no further!

Check out other new arrivals at Gainesville Coins including the third and fourth coins from this series as well as other stunning collectible coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.




Here is a 1999 Canadian $100 coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of Newfoundland’s confederation with Canada.






This 1999 Canadian $200 Butterfly coin featuring a design inspired by Canada’s First Nations people






The 2000 Canadian $200 proof Arctic Warmth coin also features indigenous-inspired artwork.




By Marty Menz, Content Writer at Gainesville Coins. Comments and questions for the author can be submitted to marty.menz@gainesvillecoins.com.


1: 1997 Robert L. Hall. An Archaeology of the Soul: North American Indian Belief and Ritual. University of Illinois Press.


Gold Steady, Stocks Ignore Gaza, Ukraine: Morning Market Update July 23

Precious metals are steady this morning in New York, as the dollar hangs on to yesterday’s gains and stocks are mostly in the green.

Yesterday’s closing spot prices saw gold at $1.307, silver at $20.97, platinum at $1,482, and palladium at $870.

At 10am in New York gold was $1,308, silver $20.98, platinum $1,481, and palladium $871. Gold is seeing support in the $1,304 area, which is the 100-day moving average (100 DMA). Although safe haven demand has eased somewhat, it is still providing support for gold against a recently stronger dollar.  The dollar broke through resistance yesterday at 80.5, and is consolidating in the 80.7-80.8 range.

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Gold Rebounds on US CPI: Morning Market Update July 22

gold-rallyPrecious metals eased overnight on light profit-taking and lower safe haven demand, as pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine changed course and began allowing international investigators access to the debris field of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

The rebels have also turned over the “black box” flight recorders to investigators as well, which is taken as a sign that Russian president Vladimir Putin is leaning on them to cooperate before more sanctions are leveled against Russia by the West. The EU is supposed to meet on Thursday to ponder further sanctions against Russia, but are hamstrung by the dependence of the nations in the eastern EU (including Germany) on Russian natural gas.

The picture for precious metals changed on the COMEX open in New York, as the U.S. Consumer Price Index report for June was released. Gold, silver and platinum all bounced upward on the news, and the dollar retained gains obtained in Europe. The dollar is now at an eight-month high against the euro, with the euro now trading below the $1.35 mark.  A weaker euro will ease deflationary pressures in EU, the main goal for the European Central Bank.

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Metals Open Flat After Spot Gold Closes Up For Week: Morning Market Update July 21

This Morning

Metals are trading near unchanged from Friday’s close, as European and US stock markets are in the red.  Gold and silver saw a modest pop right before the COMEX open, but soon drifted back down to unchanged.

Platinum and palladium are trading in a tight range, which is commonplace for this time of year.

The dollar is steady this morning, and may be building a floor around the 80.5 level on the DXY index. The yield on the 10-year T-note this morning in 2.47%, as more people rotate at least some of their money out of stocks and into bonds in a safe haven or diversification move.

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Millions in Treasure Recovered from SS Central America in Latest Salvage Effort


In this photo provided by Recovery Limited Partnership, gold coins from the SS Central America can be seen, strewn across the ocean bottom.

A federal judge in Ohio has released an inventory of the treasure recovered by Odyssey Marine on behalf of Recovery Limited Partnership, from the wreck of the famous steamship SS Central America.

The Central America went down 200 miles from the South Carolina coast in 1857, while laden with tons of gold from the California gold fields. 425 people lost their lives in the tragedy, and the loss of the massive cargo of gold sparked a nationwide financial panic .

Initially discovered in 1988 by marine engineer and treasure hunter Tommy Thompson, the effort was soon embroiled in legal disputes with claimants to the treasure. Even though the recovered gold was sold for over $50 million, the investors never saw any money from the endeavor.

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Collapse at Platinum Mine in Zimbabwe Cuts Production By 50%

mine shaftA major mineshaft collapse at the Bimha platinum mine in Zimbabwe has resulted in half of the mine being abandoned due to safety concerns. The mine, located about 95 miles from Harare, is owned by Zimplats. It is the largest of four mines that the company operates.

A large ground shear, known as the Mutambra Shear, runs through half of the area, and started destabilzing last year. Sensors placed through the mine after previous, smaller incidents gave the workers plenty of time to evacuate before this major underground collapse. The miners were able to bring out the drilling equipment with them before the collapse.

Zimplats says that access to half of the deposits at Bimha has been cut off, reducing the mine’s output by 50% to 45,000 ounces of platinum. It is estimated that it will take more than 4 years to reconnect to the abandoned deposits.